Fighting Games

Sharpen your boxing, kung-fu, kickboxing and street fighting skills. Let’s face it, who does not like fighting games? Fighting in virtual world and defeating crazy creatures or extremely powerful characters makes this category an extremely enjoyable experience. We have collection of some the best online fighting games on Select the games and characters which match your personality and fighting style. You will have to defeat your enemies by winning 1 or more rounds of fight. As you pass each level, the enemy becomes more stronger and hard to defeat. You will need to learn “special attack” or “secret moves” using complex combination of key presses on your keyboard. Mastering these skills is not easy but once you are proficient, you will be unbeatable! We have games similar to Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z and virtual fighter. These games will improve your memory, timing skills, dexterity and provide you with hours of enjoyment